About DarkSquare Design

We are a team of like-minded designers and developers who are committed to the idea that design should be intentional, and when successful, brings about desired change. We are committed to an academic and adaptive approach to design and devote ourselves to staying on top of technological, social, and design trends related to our industry (visit our blog to see what our weekly reading looks like).

Our focus has been on branding because of it’s overarching influence and importance to all aspects of design and communication that a business or organization engages in. While we have clients across many different industries and markets, our industries of focus continue to be technology, the arts, and education. We are passionate about these areas and actively search out clients that bridge these areas in creative and impactful ways.

Brand Strategy

An effective and complete brand strategy clearly identifies your brand archetype, your 7 key brand narrative components, and has a clear plan to implement these elements through messaging and design. We help businesses understand their brand and how to tell their story through messaging and aesthetic and the results are spectacular.


Good design is about making the right impression and setting great expectations. Design thinking is at the center of everything we do. Our team has the diverse skill set to design, develop and manage your website from the ground up. We ensure that your site is reliable and informative for both you and your audience. We are dedicated to client success and offer ongoing support, training, monitoring and maintenance. 


Print Design

Web Design

Interactive Design

Social Media Design

Outdoor and Signage Design

Interior Branding Design Book

Layout and Design


Integrated Campaign Design

PDF Layout and Design

Ebook Design

White Paper Design


Our team of developers are highly skilled and experienced in making your site or application run seamlessly. 

We understand how to build virtual and physical interfaces that are intuitive and enjoyable to use. We will work with you closely to make sure your product experience is more seamless, and we will continue to test and adjust to constantly improve your product experience. 



Website Design and Development

WordPress Development

User Experience Consulting

User Testing

Landing Page Strategy Development

Email Campaign Design

User Journey Planning

User Interface Design

Event and Product Microsite Design

Application Design

Product Branding

Site Performance Monitoring & Split Test (A/B Testing)


Video is one of the most powerful ways to tell your brand story. We produce corporate explainer videos, product demos, promotionals, and more, to clearly and quickly reach your audience. 

Our team of designers are able to take your idea and create a compelling and informative video. Our illustrators and designers can storyboard visuals, our music producers and voice talent can compose the unique score, and our animators can bring it all together seamlessly. 


Script Writing/ Editing

Storyboard Creation

Custom Musical Scores

Custom Voice Talent


Video Editing

On-Location Recording


Your copy is the heart and soul of your brand. While design, production and development are all essential in conveying that message, it must ring true and inspire. 

Our designers are able to create impactful and compelling copy and content for you and your brand that engage and inspire your audience. Our skill sets allow the team to create social media content, website copy, email copy and content and so much more. 



Copywriting Support

Social Media Content

Email Content & Copy

Website Copy

Graphics, Infographics, Etc.


Print Campaigns & Web Campaigns

Blog Content

Our Team

We work with a strong and broad network of creative and technical professionals across the country and around the globe. Our core team and headquarters is located in beautiful and historic Saint Augustine Florida.

Joseph Fioramonti

Joseph Fioramonti

Creative Director

Joseph has a BA in fine arts from Alfred University and an MFA in graphic design from The Savannah College of Art and Design. He has worked in the industry since 2002 and has taught graphic design at the college level since 2010. He is currently an assistant professor of graphic design at Flagler College in Saint Augustine Florida.

Rebekah Freeman

Rebekah Freeman

Senior Designer

Rebekah earned her bachelor of arts in arts and graphic design from The Art Institute of Charleston. She has extensive knowledge in user interface design and has designed corporate marketing sites, event micro-sites and product interfaces for national and international brands.

Siobhan Ford

Siobhan Ford

Messaging Strategist

Siobhan received a bachelor of arts in journalism and mass communication from The University of South Carolina as well as an associates in arts and graphic design from The Art Institute of Charleston. She uses her communication and design skills in combination and has branded international conferences and marketing campaigns.

Andrej Ciho

Andrej Ciho

Chief Technical Officer

Andrej Ciho is a seasoned web developer with over decade of experience engineering and orchestrating complex systems for a variety of small and local to large and national organizations. His broad knowledge and skill set have helped companies grow and expand their businesses and stay ahead of the steep curve of technological change.

Jakub Triska

Jakub Triska

Senior Developer

Jakub earned his bachelor degree in applied informatics at The University of Ostrava. He has 10 years of experience building content management systems with a focus on PHP and Angular development and CRM integration.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris

Customer Relations Coordinator

Sarah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Arts from the University of Baltimore. She uses her background in customer service and business strategy to bring a collaborative approach to assisting the team and clients.

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