Web Representation For an Internationally Recognized Artist

Amy Karle has had her work shown in museums and galleries around the world and has been recognized for her contributions by arts organizations, cultural groups, and even the United Nations. It was important to carefully plan and organize her website in a way that shows both the depth and breadth of her work in a way that captures the aesthetic beauty of her work as well as the immersive narrative she creates with it.

Breadth, Depth, and Growth

Amy Karleā€™s body of work is impressive in size and diverse in medium and style. Bringing all of it together in a way that showed progression over time and that wove different areas of exploration together in one coherent presentation was challenging. We worked closely with the artist and went through many iterations of how her art might be organized and presented in various online environments. We also carefully thought out how we can continue to grow the site to accommodate future work as she continues to be a prolific practicing artist. Designing a site that could accommodate much more work over the coming years was an important consideration.

Visit the site at amykarle.com

“Dark Square took the time to thoroughly understand the concepts and vision for my brand, and present it in a high-end contemporary website that a wide audience could understand. As an artist and designer myself I have an extra critical eye, and DarkSquare surpassed my expectations. The team has undeniable impressive talent and is a pleasure to work with.”

Amy Karle

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