Reimagining The NICE Satmetrix Website

NICE Satmetrix is the leading global provider of customer experience management software for companies who know that customer experience drives success. DarkSquare has worked with NICE Satmetrix over the past 7 years to continue to develop their brand, build and support their website, and promote their products and services through video production and marketing support.

Design and Development

Our team of experienced developers were able to work with our designers and the leadership at NICE Satmetrix to make our ideas a functioning reality. They helped navigate the security and privacy challenges associated with an enterprise level website as well as the important regulation requirements that are part of a project like this. Their expertise in voice of the customer and history of innovation in the customer experience industry has been and continues to be an ongoing education in delighting customers. We always learn a great deal from the team at NICE Satmetrix every time we have the opportunity to work with them.

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Enterprise Needs

The NICE Satmetrix website has over 400 pages that had to be address for technical and design requirements. Lead capture, resource gating and managment, landing page campaigns, user tracking, and more are just some of the services the DarkSquare techinical team assisted with in the development of the site and continue to monitor and manage in an ongoing capacity.

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