Branding The Basic Fund

The BASIC Fund is a privately funded organization providing partial-tuition scholarships to low-income families across the Bay Area. DarkSquare worked closely with their leadership and board to develop a brand as diverse and creative as the communities they serve.

Sometimes One Logo Isn’t Enough

During the review of our initial design work it became clear that one child illustration would not be representative of the many diverse families that The BASIC Fund serves. We developed 8 different children illustrations with different characteristics to represent a broader range of ethnicities and gender.

The Delight of the Unexpected

Having 8 different logos presented a few pragmatic challenges that offered surprising and charming solutions. A set of stationary was printed for each child illustration, then shuffled. Each correspondence would have a randomly selected logo offering a moment of discovery and realization for the recipient. This creates a memorable and sharable brand experience they won’t forget. The logo on the website is also programmed to randomly generate one of the 8 designs on each impression. The result is a different logo every time you revisit or refresh a page.

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