Viptela is a group of talented thought leaders committed to improving the software defined wide area networking industry. Viptela streamlines how enterprises interconnect their sites– the process, tools, and infrastructure– through passion and innovation.

“DarkSquare has been instrumental in helping to translate and grow Viptela to a worldwide brand at events; our primary effort for building branding and awareness. Their ability to convey our messaging through graphics onsite at events helped take our brand to the next level.”

Corrine LaDrig

Head of Field Marketing, Viptela

Understanding how things work together.

We have worked closely with Viptela to refine their establish identity and harmonize it across their website, event graphics, marketing material and more. Our team worked closely with them as they expanded to new markets with support in building sites for various regions around the world.

It has been a pleasure to work with them and see them grow from a very small marketing site and little marketing efforts into a world-class brand that is making waves in a very exciting technical market. 

DarkSquare provides ongoing design support to nourish and grow brands.




Playing to strengths. 

Viptela has a strong focus on events where they can show off their products and demonstrate what it means for the future of cloud computing. It has been important to make the most of these opportunities in a way that they would create more opportunities through their website, podcasts, literature, press coverage and other touch points with their customers.

 DarkSquare has helped them wiht professional representation that stands out in a crowed of booths and orients people for having future interactions with the brand. This has helped them grow from a small start up in The Valley to a industry name that is a leader in its space.

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