A Synchronistic Branding Approach

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This call is for company owners, CEOs, and Marketing Directors of enterprise B2B technology companies who want to build a clear and unified presence inside the organization and their market community. 

What to expect on this call

  1. A review of your existing brand and positioning
  2. Identification of growth opportunities to take advantage of for the next 90 days and beyond
  3. Uncovering hinderances to growth
  4. Developing a 3 step processes to align your brand with your market and organization

Businesses We’ve Worked With

What Our Clients Are Saying

I am a critic of creative firms and their approaches. I’ve seen quite a few and they often reflect great creativity but not so great connection to the business and real world. DarkSquare is an exception. The brand they created for us was very well done.
John Watson, Basic Fund Board of Directors Member,
Chairman & CEO, Retired, Chevron Corporation
We really appreciated DarkSquare’s efforts and guidance in helping us define our brand archetype. The outcome of InRule’s brand evolution initiative is a modern look and feel that reflects who we are and our vision for the future.
Rik Chomko, CEO of InRule Technologies
Dark Square took the time to thoroughly understand the concepts and vision for my brand, and present it in a high-end contemporary website that a wide audience could understand. As an artist and designer myself I have an extra critical eye, and DarkSquare surpassed my expectations. The team has undeniably impressive talent and is a pleasure to work with.
Amy Karl, Artist and Futurist 
DarkSquare has helped us better understand who we are as a company and how to communicate the value we provide. Since working with them to identify our brand archetype and key components of our brand we integrated this into our efforts to improve our client and talent acquisition and retention results. We continue to partner with them for ongoing strategy and design support. They are an valuable partner to us in navigating how to talk about our offerings in the very technical and rapidly changing markets that we operate in.
Larry Katzman, CEO and President of Applied Information Sciences (AIS)
I can’t say enough about DarkSquare. I can’t imagine developing this brand and this site without them. From start to finish they were there with us every step of the way with new concepts we never would have thought of. They’re an invaluable resource and they’ve become important and closely involved members of our team.
Laureen Smith, Founder and owner of CISO Street