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3 Ways You Should Be Using Visual Briefs To Strengthen Your Brand

How They Deliver ROI Where Other Creative Exercises Fall Short

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Lecture Time: 47 minutes

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Do You Know How To Get A Complete Picture of Your Competition?

See the brand voice of each of your competitors and how they all work together. With this technique you will more easily find your place to stand with a unique value proposition that your prospects will notice.

Does Your Brand Or Your Messaging Have Weak Spots or Inconsistencies?

With this approach you will quickly be able to identify problem areas and address them. You will be able to see low effort, high impact opportunities that have real bottom line impact.

Do you Feel Like your Team Are All On Different Pages or Maybe A Different Book Entirely?

With this tool you will build a shared vision with the most important people on your time. You’ll also save a tremendous amount of time and money in the process. Goals become achievements when your leadership and every part of your company are on the same page.

Does Your Marketing Team Lack Inspiration or Are They Unsure About What to Say?

WIth a visual brief your creative team will never be at a loss for words. They will have a bottomless well of ideas that are clear and effective in reaching the right audience with the right message.

About The Lecturer

Joseph Fioramonti

Joseph Fioramonti is the founder and creative director at DARKSQUARE. For over 15 years he has been helping companies that have not reached their growth potential by teaching them how to better understand and express their brand.  

Joseph is also a professor at Flagler College in Saint Augustine FL where he teaches branding and design. He has taught branding at the graduate level for over 7 years and has guest lectured and presented at conferences for design professionals and company executives, primarily in the technology sector.