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Brand Sync

We take a synchronistic approach to understanding your brand and carefully crafting key elements of your story around your organization’s values. Our approach is methodical and comprehensive and built on the academic literature and 20 years of experience. We are experts in understanding the soul of your brand and building relationships between your brand and everyone who interacts with it.

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Our Philosophy of Brand

At the heart of your brand lies a value proposition, whether it’s a unique selling proposition or an emotional selling point. This core value is pivotal, influencing every facet of your brand—from messaging and product development to partnerships and target audiences. We collaborate with our clients to pinpoint this central value and assist them in selecting the perfect brand archetype. This helps convey their brand story, allowing audiences to emotionally connect with the value offered.

What we offer is termed “brand sync.” Properly constructed, it enables audiences to comprehend your business or organization both emotionally and functionally. It weaves a familiar narrative, making your brand relatable and memorable, which in turn leaves a significant impact on your business.

Brand Sync Structure

Our Process

Square 1: Syncing Stakeholders

Uncovering Misalignments and Team Unity: By identifying areas of agreement and discord, we can address specific facets of your brand that may need fine-tuning. This also ensures that the entire team is on the same page. A unified team perspective leads to consistent messaging, better decision-making, and an overall stronger brand presence. This alignment is foundational for a cohesive brand strategy moving forward.

Competitive Mosaics

Understanding the Competitive Landscape: In the vast branding arena, it’s crucial to understand where you stand relative to others. By analyzing the competitive landscape, we can identify unique opportunities and niches for your brand, ensuring you have a distinctive edge in the market.

Audience Value Resonance

It’s essential to know your audience. Gaining a clear insight into your audience’s values ensures that the brand we mold truly resonates with those you aim to serve, fostering higher engagement and loyalty.

Voice of the Customer

Gaining a firsthand perspective is invaluable. By interviewing customers, we tap directly into the perceptions, needs, and desires of those you serve. This step not only informs us about what your customers think about your brand, but it also provides insights into areas of potential improvement and innovation, ensuring our branding strategy is truly customer-centric.

Visual Narrative Design

The visual narrative is the silent storyteller of a brand, conveying its essence, values, and promises without uttering a word. This isn’t just about choosing colors or designs; it’s about ensuring that every visual choice tells a part of your brand’s story, resonating with your audience on a profound, subconscious level.

Adaptive Brand Design

In this phase, we focus on the diverse digital and physical spaces your brand occupies. Rather than seeing design constraints, like printing requirements or scaling issues, as limitations, we view them as chances for innovative solutions. Through adaptive design, we ensure your brand is versatile and creatively opportunistic, making the most of every environment it will live in.

Identity Narrative Development 

We focus on blending your brand’s unique identity with clear and compelling story elements. We’ll look at the origins of your brand, define its main beliefs, and spotlight key elements that represent it. The goal is to build a compelling and memorable story that effectively communicates what your brand stands for and why it matters.

Brand Contextualization

In this phase, we bring the brand to life by placing visuals and copy in their intended digital and physical environments. This real-world testing lets us assess and refine our design and narrative decisions, ensuring they resonate as intended while also revealing unexpected creative opportunities.

Strategic Launch and Alignment

In this final phase, we strategically launch the brand, aligning employees, leadership, partners, and customers. We prime all stakeholders for the brand’s evolution, fostering anticipation. Through targeted communications and events, we amplify excitement and awareness, ensuring a unified embrace of the brand’s new chapter.

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