Transformative Branding and Design

Our mission is to help brands better understand who they are and how they can achieve unrealized business goals through thoughtful voice and meaningful aesthetic.

Design Initiative

Brand Strategy

Half of the market value of all Fortune 250 companies is in intangible assets­­—brand value. A strong brand identity is the foundation of your marketing strategy and the first impression that both customers and investors will have with your company or organization.

Interactive Design

A compelling and informative website will open the gates of communication with consumers; building recognition, credibility, and trust with your audience. Web presence is often the first interaction someone will have with your brand and is a make or break, lasting impression.

Marketing Support

A strong marketing strategy is result-driven, data-informed, and user-focused. Successful strategies generate user action by creating a memorable and engaging experience. Marketing is the voice of your brand and primary tool for building your audience.

Artistic Vision Meets
Technological Innovation

Illuminating the Art of Amy Karle

Provocateur and a futurist, Amy Karle needed her branding to act as a reflection of her technology-focused work. Her website both showcases and compliments her innovative portfolio.

Brands We’ve Worked With

Brand Stategy. Design Support.

DarkSquare has worked with brands in public and private sectors across the globe, helping them better understand who they are and how to represent the value they offer to the market. While we serve clients across many different industries, our focus continues to be technology, education, and the arts.

We help brands develop comprehensive strategies and then execute across all the various media necessary to reach your market. Schedule a presentation to learn more about how we can help you bring your brand to life through digital, print, motion, installation, 3D and more.

Supporting The Design Community

The Business of Graphic Design

Our founder has teamed up with AIGA medalist, designer, and author, Ed Gold, to write a new online edition of his award winning book, “The Business of Graphic Design”. In the book they provide timeless business advice gleaned from interviewing some of the most successful and recognizable names in the industry. The resource is free and an invaluable asset to any designer looking to up their freelance game or start their own business.




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