Branding The Future

Branding The Future

DarkSquare is a brand consultancy dedicated to serving technology companies that are working to disrupt static markets and engineer a better future. Why technology? Because technology continues to be humanity’s single best tool for improving the human condition.

Brand Strategy

More than half of the market value of all Fortune 250 companies is in intangible assets­­—brand value. A strong brand identity is the foundation of your marketing and the first impression that both customers and investors will have with your company or organization.


Brand Support

Most branding agencies are always looking for the next big project. We are committed to your long term success and are ready to partner with you for the long effort it takes to build a memorable and successful brand and help you maximize your return on investment. 


Brand Coaching

Our founder has trained teams of designers as well as CEO’s in the art of effectively representing their brands through design and thoughtful voice. Over 10 years of experience as a college professor has trained him to quickly identify and strengthen needed skills.


Recent Client Collaborations


Applied Information Sciences

Abstract And Complex Offerings Made Real 

AIS offers a broad range of unique cloud solutions for enterprise customers in the private sector and some of the largest departments in the public sector at the federal level. They came to us for help explaining their very abstract offerings in a way that was easy to understand and that communicated the tremendous value they offer.



Cyber Security For The Enterprises Responsible For Everyone’s Data

We’ve partnered with Accellion to help them communicate the importance of mitigating cyber risk and protecting everyone’s privacy. We’ve helped them develop professional design to express their credibility in offering services that help enterprise companies with their cyber security.



A Complex Family of Brands Centered Around A Singular And Simple Truth

NICE has a complex portfolio of brands and provides services to some of the largest government and private companies and organizations in the world. We’ve worked closely with the leadership at NICE to help with product naming, product positioning, brand design and development, web design and development, and much more.

Brands We Have Worked With

Supporting The Design Community

The Business of Graphic Design

Our founder has teamed up with AIGA medalist, designer, and author, Ed Gold, to write a new online edition of his award winning book, “The Business of Graphic Design”. In the book they provide timeless business advice gleaned from interviewing some of the most successful and recognizable names in the industry. The resource is free and an invaluable asset to any designer looking to up their freelance game or start their own business.

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